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Big Studio Drum Loops: 6-8 Edition Vol. 1

PRICE: $29.99
Formatted for:

44.1 kHz 24 bit Acidized WAV, Apple Loop, REX2

Product Details:

Vol 1 of the ultimate 6/8 live multi-track drums loops have arrived. Featuring 120 loop sets and 960 individual loops all in 6/8 time signature, volume 1 is a must have collection of loops for the modern music producer. All drums parts are recorded live, and each drum loop is isolated giving you complete mixing freedom! Formatted in Acidized WAV, Apple Loop and REX2 formats, these loops work in all digital audio workstations. Whether you are producing Rock, Country, Hiphop, Pop or something new, these big studio recorded loops will inspire hit after hit. Recorded in Eggplant Studios in Los Angeles, CA. DOWNLOAD TODAY! 




Product features:




- 120 multi-track drum loop ideas including 960 individual loops.



- Loops include beat grooves, fills, intros, stops, breaks and more.



- Stereo mixes are provided for each loop.



- Each multi-track drum loop set features isolated loops including kick, snare, hihat, tom 1, yom 2, ride, stereo room, stereo reverb, and overheads stereo.



- Tempos include 69. 87, 97 and 108 BPMs.



- All parts for separated for complete mixing and matching freedom.



- Provided in 44.1 kHz 24 bit ACIDIZED WAV, REX2 and Apple Loop formats.



- All loops are royalty free.



- All loops were recorded live using class A recording equipment including SSL, Neve and Avalon pre-amps.



- Over 2 GB of content (including all formats).



NOTE: This product contains ONLY drum loops.

Suggested mixing reference:

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