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  TERMS AND CONDITIONS for the Production Toolz and Liberator Series  
  1) The sounds, loops, and samples offered by P5Audio (Licensor) are royalty free.  
  2) The sounds, loops, and samples offered by P5Audio (Licensor) and its affiliates are licensed, not sold to you for use in your software and or hardware.  
  3) The license granted is granted solely to the original user/purchaser (Licensee) of the product. This license is not transferable or saleable.  
  4) You may not resale, re-license, loan, copy, assign, rent, upload, download or distribute in any way the sounds licensed to you by P5Audio and its affiliates to another user. In addition, these sounds cannot be offered in a competitive product.  
  5) You may edit, change and modify sounds. These sounds are for commercial purposes within musical compositions and productions.  
  6) P5Audio and its affiliates will not take responsibility if the sounds purchased do not meet the specific needs and or purpose of the Licensee. These sounds are licensed without warranties, therefore cannot be responsible for any indirect or direct loss arising from the use of these sounds.  
  7) You agree to use the sounds in the format(s) offered by P5Audio and its affiliates. P5Audio does not accept responsibility for the use of the products in any format other than the formats specified, and the formats these sounds were made for.  
  8) Sounds cannot be offered individually or isolated in any musical or audio/visual work.  
  9) If user intends to use P5Audio’s products in any way other than those specified, a separate license must be obtained through P5Audio.  
  10) Purchasing, downloading, P5Audio products and its demo products in any way binds the user to the Terms and Conditions of use. P5Audio reserves the right to change and or amend its Terms and Conditions at any time.  
  11) Any and all unauthorized use or duplication of any P5Audio product is a violation of the Terms and Conditions of use and applicable laws of the United States, and other countries. Copyright infringement will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law.  
  TERMS AND CONDITIONS for Phantom Beats  
    P5 Audio music may only be used in accordance with the terms and conditions enforced by By purchasing, or receiving music sold under P5, you become bound to the terms of the License Agreement.  
  1) The musical works and beats sold by P5 Audio remain the property of P5 Audio at all times. These beats are licensed, not sold, to you to be used within your musical and creative productions, so long as you abide by the rules of "synchronization". See article 2a  
  2) Upon the purchase of any Beat or Beats from the purchaser (licensee) is granted a non-exclusive license to use this product. This non-exclusive license is granted only to the original individual (licensee) who purchases the beat(s). This license is NOT transferable under any circumstances. This license grants the Licensee (purchaser) the non-exclusive right to use P5Audio beats ONLY IF ADDITIONAL AUDIO AND OR VOCAL PERFORMANCES are used in conjunction with the synchronized performance and/or synchronized recording of the P5Audio product. This process is herein known as "synchronization." Beats from cannot be used without synchronization in any form. Furthermore, any non-synchronized use of beats from P5Audio must comply with the terms outlined in Section 3 below.  
    a)’s beats can not be used without synchronization in any form. It is understood that the terms of this license forbids the use of’s beats without synchronization. Furthermore, If you have intentions or would like to use P5 Audio beats without the act of synchronization, you MUST agree and follow the terms under Section 3 below.  
  3) The use of P5 Audio beats in isolated format (without synchronization of vocal performances and or additional audio and music) is not allowed unless you obtain a special, separate Multimedia license directly from This Multimedia license grants additional privileges for commercial use. Please contact P5Audio at if you are interested in using P5 Audio beats in the following media: Commercial Advertisement, Radio, Film or Television, Internet, etc. you must contact P5 to be given this License.  
  4) It is unequivocally understood and mutually agreed that the individual that purchases beats from does not obtain any ownership rights and/or any copyrights to these beats. Phantom 5 Music Group, the owners of keeps possession of all rights, ownership, title and interest in the musical works and beats to all of the music purchase and or otherwise obtained from, Phantom 5 Music Group and any of it’s affiliates or partners. This provision includes all copyrights belonging to the original copyright holder. This also includes any modifications and or changes made to the licensed property by Licensee.  
  5) P5Audio unequivocally FORBIDS any and all resale, commercial ventures, and/or any and all distribution of P5Audio musical works and/or beats, either as they exist OR any modification or changes made by the licensee. This provision includes any and all changes and modifications made involving synchronization discussed in section 2. You CANNOT sell, loan, lease, assign, or transfer any of the products sold and/or given under to another individual or user, or for use in any competitive product. You may not use these products for album and radio distribution, and/or any other commercial use without obtaining a separate license from  
  6) If the Licensee wishes to use a beat from P5Audio for the purposes of an album, radio, film and television, internet and/or any other commercial use, they must contact P5Audio to obtain a license for commercial use. This license will be granted in the form of written permission from P5Audio. The user of this license must still adhere to the rules of synchronization as stated in Section 2 under Terms and Conditions for Phantom Beats. Unauthorized use or duplication of P5Audio products is any way is a direct violation of this agreement. Any and all copyright infringements will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  
  TERMS AND CONDITIONS for P5Audio’s Artist Page  
    By sending material to, you are granting P5Audio the right to post this material on our Artist page. Sending MP3’s to does not guarantee placement. Only MP3’s encoded at 128 kbps and that are under 5 MB in total size will be considered for posting. P5Audio will only consider posting material that is deemed suitable for radio airplay. Materials sent to are for Artist page demonstration purposes only. P5Audio will not utilize this material for any other purpose.

P5Audio is not responsible for any unauthorized duplication or distribution of music uploaded to P5Audio’s Artist page. By sending material to, the sender guarantees that all legal rights have been obtained for use of its contents and that P5Audio has no legal responsibilities or obligations to the content, whatsoever. Furthermore, by sending material to, the sender guarantees that complete and full permission has been obtained by the owner of the content, to upload and stream material on P5Audio’s Artist page. The sender assumes any and all legal responsibility for this content. reserves the right to edit or alter the content in anyway seen fit in order to improve or enhance the quality of the material. P5Auido does not endorse any of the contents whatsoever, contained within the material posted on P5Audio’s Artist page other then the products used from P5Audio or its partners. P5Audio reserves the right to remove any material from this page that is deemed offensive or unsuitable for its listeners.

Once the material has been posted, P5Audio guarantees no specific lengths for the materials duration on the Artists page. P5Audio is not responsible for notifying the sender of any changes and/ or usage of the sent material. If you wish for your material to be removed from the Artist page, send an email request to Please allow thirty days for any and all requests to be implemented.
  Return Policy  
    Due to copyright infringement laws, we can only return shipped CD-ROM products that are defective. Downloaded products are non-returnable. You must contact P5Audio support and request a RMA number (Return Management Authorization) and return the product within 30 days of purchase. We encourage all customers to listen to the product demos and read the product descriptions before purchasing our product to ensure that you are purchasing the product that best fits your needs.  
  Credit Card  
    When using your credit card on, please be assured that both your identity and personal information will be protected. We do not sell or give your information to anyone without your consent.  
  MVP Membership  
    MVP Membership makes you eligible for additional discounts and free sounds offered by to MVP Members exclusively. You will also be informed of new product releases from P5Audio and offered discounts on these items. Receiving email or literature is not a requirement to be a MVP member and you can remove your name from the email and or literature list at anytime and retain your benefits. This membership can not be transferred, lent, sold, or given to any other user besides the end user. You obtain an MVP Membership by spending $75.00 or more with P5Audio reserves the right to make changes to the MVP Membership as it sees fit.  
    Products will be shipped via US Postal Service and/or Federal Express. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for domestic delivery, and 5 to 7 days for International delivery. Customer is responsible for all shipping charges. Additional shipping costs including duties and taxes may be incurred for International Orders. P5Audio is not responsible for any packages that are late, lost or stolen. Defective packages will be replaced under the terms of our Return Policy. If you have any questions regarding shipping or if you would like shipping to be expedited for an additional charge please contact  


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